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  • www.GPUG.com Just saw the video. You are awesome !
    I have been a regular reader of your blog and have benefitted immensely from it. Keep up the great work !
    - Davinder
  • SACI TEAM:  Belinda Allen of Smith & Allen Consulting, Inc. is not only an expert using Microsoft Dynamics, she is an excellent instructor in teaching its advanced features. Mrs. Allen’s ability to explain the functions of Dynamics is superb, but her real talents lie in teaching business and manufacturing processes and procedures. My experience with Mrs. Allen’s professional development training was excellent. I have taken many courses and lectures by many companies over the years, but none compare to my experience with Smith & Allen Consulting, Inc. If you or your employees need professional training in using Microsoft Dynamics, then look no further. Smith & Allen Consulting, Inc. is the place for you. Dr. Timothy L. Murph - High School Principal
  • WEBINAR:  Thank you so much for an excellent presentation on the Excel dashboard during Decisions 2012. It was the best, most clear, useful presentation I’ve had. It was short and came with excellent documentation. I’ve done the exercise twice just for fun and watched the video again. Great job!! - Mike
  • SACI TEAM:  Many thanks for all your help. - Tim
  • www.BelindaTheGPcsi.com Wonderful stuff,really love your posts and videos and learned a lot from them.  Thanks Nadir
  • www.youtube.com/user/HowToDynamicsGP Thanks, Incredibly awesome - Lotfy
  • www.BelindaTheGPcsi.com Really nice and fruitful - Shaltaf
  • SACI TEAM: You guys are doing a wonderful job and I am glad you are on my team! Thanks! - John
  • SACI TEAM: You guys do excellent work. - Patrick
  • SACI TEAM: My Manager was really happy with his new report and that he is able to pull his data so easily.  All thanks to you! - Kris
  • www.BelindaTheGPcsi.com is always very helpful to me, a true real-world, everyday user. - Steve
  • SACI TEAM: Considering the time constraint and the volume of data Jivtesh and his team face, their timing and execution was almost perfect! Job very well done! Many thanks to Team SACI. - Harry
  • www.GPWindow.com  An absolute Masterpiece! - Leslie (MVP for Microsoft)
  • www.GPWindow.com Your window into the Microsoft GP community - David
  • www.GPWindow.com Wonderful Resource - Jana

Some of our favorite verticals

Products and Vendors

describe the imageSmith & Allen Consulting works with many vertical applications that are used to tailor your Accounting/Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Applications to your specific needs. The following is a short list of some of our favoriate applications. Please note that this list is not inclusive of the applications we have experience with or support.

    • SACI Report Viewer is a custom tool built by us, Smith & Allen Consulting, Inc. that allows for custom reports written in any tool, particularlly SQL Server Reporting Services to be viewed easily with exporting capabilities into Excel.

    • Rockton Software is a creative company that develops products that make Microsoft Dynamics® GP more intuitive and user-friendly to improve customers’ lives by making their work simpler and easier. Rockton Software started in 1999 by offering custom Dexterity development for clients using Microsoft Dynamics GP. Today, over 2400 companies use Rockton Software products representing over 30,000 users.
    • PN3 Solutions is an amazing workflow tool for Payables and Requisitions with Document Imaging. This application works with Micrsoft Dynamics GP along with other ERP applications.
    • Mekorma MICR Check Printing makings managing multiple checking accounts secure and easy.
    • Accountable Software has a tool that allows you to customize forms in GP using Crystal Report Writer. If you have a seriously detailed Sales Order form, this is the best tool we've found to make it work easily for you, even allowing you to email the customer the invoice directly out of the system.